Peregrine Falcon
Falco peregrinus
Anita Ritenour

The peregrine is a bulky looking falcon, with broad arm and pointed wings and medium tail. Adults above show a dark-grey plumage that contrasts with fine barred white underparts. The head is black and have a conspicuous thick moustache. It flies with quick wingbeats and wings slightly down curved. It differs from kestrel by having larger size and overall darker plumage pattern. It is the biggest falcon occurring in Portugal. It is a resident but uncommon species that nests both in coastal and inland cliffs, hunting almost exclusively birds, such as rock pigeons and gulls, attacking them from high above.. In Berlengas, there are at least 2 pairs that regularly breed in the archipelago. Their observation is relatively easy as they often fly and vocalize over the Fisherman neighbourhood. However, during the touristic summer months, these falcons may avoid crossing busy and disturbed areas.