Are you going to visit Berlenga, a pest-free island?

Did you know that:

  • Pest animals and plants can invade Berlenga Island by stowing away on or in your footwear or gear?
  • Rats can squeeze through a 12 mm gap and mice can squeeze through a 7 mm gap?
  • Insects could hide in your bag, and seeds could cling to your clothing and shoes?

We need your cooperation to guarantee the success of all the work developed to control and remove non-native plants and animals from Berlenga Island!

Before you leave to Berlenga, please take care of the following:

  • Check your baggage before boarding and confirm you are not carrying insects or mammals of any kind or seeds.
  • Be mindful to close your baggage and take extra care with your camping gear.
  • Do not bring seeds, plants or animals to the island  

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Why do we need to avoid the entrance of pest species in Berlengas?

Berlenga’s native animals and plants evolved over thousands of years in the absence of mammalian predators. These species are very vulnerable to the Black rat and European rabbit introduced on the Island by Men.

These invasive animals, in conjunction with other pests, such as ants and some exotic plant species, have wiped out or endangered many Berlenga native species such as the Ocellated lizard, the Common Murre or the Berlengas Thrift.

Nowadays, Berlenga is a refuge for three plant species that are found nowhere else in the world and for seabird populations which have a restricted global distribution. The survival of these species depends on protection from threats such as introduced animals and plants, pollution of the surrounding seas and depletion of food resources by overfishing.

Pests threaten Berlengas native wildlife:

  • Rats and mice can eat birds, eggs, reptiles and insects.
  • Argentine ants have a big appetite for killing our native insects, lizards and baby birds.
  • Soil can carry seeds of invasive plants that threatens native plants

The project LIFE Berlengas and its partners have put and still put considerable effort into removing and controlling pests and carrying out appropriate biosecurity measures.

Please help us in our efforts to keep Berlenga free of new pests!

If you find any of these species on the island please report sightings to the nature wardens! You can find them on the island or you can contact them by phone (+351) 262787910 or by e-mail at

We hope you enjoy your stay on this Sanctuary Island!